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i'm an immortal, sir, not a gazelle [entries|friends|calendar]

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[09 May 2004|09:07pm]
It's exactly a year since I left school.

Christ, it doesn't feel like it.

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[20 Apr 2004|10:17pm]
Haha. Oh dear. Had that been my real hazard perception test...well. I can't percept hazards very well. Let's leave it at that.

"OMFG A LEAF! THAT'S A HAZARD!!!!!!111111oneone"

"Oh. A car. Not indicating, and...crashing into me. That's okay."

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[02 Apr 2004|06:25pm]



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[06 Mar 2004|11:35pm]
If you're a random person who has stumbled across this through a mutual interest or something - hello! I do still update frequently, but it's mostly friends only, due to immense paranoia.

You know you want to add me.

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[19 Feb 2004|10:21pm]
[ mood | amused ]

There was a Welsh man on television with a goat on his head.

A goat. On his head.

Thank you.

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[20 Jan 2004|08:51pm]
Happy birthday, Nicky Wire.

Unless it's tomorrow, in which case, happy birthday for tomorrow. But I think it's today. Yeah...

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[15 Jan 2004|06:58pm]

Been shopping. I was supposed to go to college, but I got into town and it sort of...didn't happen. I'm nervous about going to tutorial tomorrow, 'cause I haven't been for the last three lessons.


Little mouse keyring. He's called Austin.
Betty Boop top
The Cure t-shirt
Nineteen Eighty-Four
Alistair Griffin's album for my mum
Nail kit thing for mum

Walked into a pole, apologised, Matthew laughed. Dyed hair (black again). Got shouted at in McDonalds.

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[26 Dec 2003|07:38pm]
HI! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. Obviously at some point I'll be sad and make a list of what I got.

At the moment I can't be arsed though. I got lots of Babycham! *bounces*

Oh, you knew I couldn't resist...


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[24 Dec 2003|09:25am]
Why would I want a magical salad?

I know it's early, but...


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[22 Dec 2003|12:19pm]
Wait, she's not gone. She's still there. Why is she still there? Why is she there anyway?

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[22 Dec 2003|12:07pm]
GAH! I went outside to photograph the snow/our dead fence (it fell down again) and there was somebody in next door's garden. Just STOOD there.
She smiled and I went, "hello".
I have no idea who she is, nobody lives next door!
She's gone now, and now there's snow in my house.

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[22 Dec 2003|09:03am]
The night before last, I dreamed that I was a prostitute/heroin addict. I might have been French too, but I'm not sure.

Yesterday I went to see Love Actually with Laura. It's painfully crap. Martin Freeman, Alan Rickman and Ant and Dec are in it, and it's still painfully crap. Billy Mack, or whatever his name is, was the best character.

Laura and I were sat in the very corner of the back row, and then some other girls came and left two seats between us and them.
They'd only been there about five minutes when they started staring (Laura and I were v. gothed up, black lipstick and everything) at us. They were really loud, and during the film, Laura and I were linking arms and resting our heads on each other's shoulders, and at some point, Laura was practically lying on my knee, so we got the comments about our apparently lesbianism. We found one bit very funny (okay, so it wasn't meant to be funny, but still...), and laughed a lot, and they were going "there's something funny in that corner", and making various other random comments. When it was over, they were in the toilets and we were in the toilets, and it was quite odd - they just stood there and stared between us and the door, and we just stood there and stared back. Then they went away. Laura was REALLY pissed off though.
It was FREEZING last night. My fingers were burning with the cold, I thought they were going to fall off.

And today it's really quite cold.

Could have something to do with all the SNOW outside ^_^


I like the snow. Snowsnowsnowsnow. 'tis three degrees c outside. 'tis 37 degrees f. I'm just saying that because I've never actually KNOWN what the temperature was in farenheit before.

*cries* There's a new story running around in my head. I need update the other 959353...uh...two, even, first.

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[20 Dec 2003|11:47am]
Oh. My. God.

Why have Busted done a cover of "Hark The Herald Angels Sing"? Why?! WHY?!??!

God, it's horrible.

And it was announced as "Busted, with a rock cover of a Christmas classic..."

I think my ears are bleeding.

Yasmin, it's in the post.

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[19 Dec 2003|05:44pm]
Oh, also, the woman who gave me my C.D in Music Zone apparently thought the C.D case (it's actually a sleeve, hence her being able to do this) didn't have a C.D in, so she put one in. I got home, and well, I have two. They're both exactly the same. So do you know what I did last night? I put them both in my C.D player and listened. It really amuses me.
For six pound, I got two (identical) CDs, a poster, and all the lyrics. I'm not complaining.

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[18 Dec 2003|06:48pm]
I've spent thirty pound today and most of it is on me!
Yasmin, I hate to tell you this, but I think the delivery man is going to be knocking on the door. I bought an A4 Jiffy bag for the sake of the Kerrang! so...I'll print out a label and stuffage, but leap on the door when it comes.

I bought:
An A4 Jiffy bag (59p)and a stamp (28p, but I think I need a different stamp anyway)
2 pairs of socks (£2 - neither were for me)
A purse and some badges for Reanne (£1.75)
Two pairs of shoelaces (£2 - one pair are for me)
Three packs of badges (£2.50 - not sure what's going on with them)
Two packs of incense (£2 - one's for me)
Some rubbers (50p - some are for me)
Sex Pistols - Never Mind The Bollocks (£6 - yes, for me)
Candles (50p, lol - my mum)
Some pens (£1 - Kirsty and Jenny)
Two mini-Spa sets (£2 - Kirsty and Jenny)
A manicure set (£1 - Caroline)
A purse (£2 - me...)
A Fimbles flannel (£1 - me again...)
Purple hair spray (£1 - me)
A glowstick (£1 - not sure yet)
Some fries, a bottle of Lilt and a bisc& (about £1.50)

I think I bought some more stuff too, but I can't remember what...

Now, I'm still scared of sending packages. Do I just go to the post office and give them it and stuff and then they weigh it and tell me how much it'll cost and I pay them? Or do I need a special stamp and stuff? Or do I put a first class stamp on, and pay the postage separately? Argh! What do I say to them when I go up to the till?!?! Help! I'm still so young and unexperienced!

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[18 Dec 2003|11:02am]
Hazel's been really irritating me. I'm so glad Laura's back today.
Today, I MUST buy Reanne's socks and something else. I'm giving her stuff to her in psychology, so I MUST. I'm putting it in a gift bag, 'cause clearly I can't wrap it in between buying it and psychology.
I had something else to say, and I can't bloody remember.
Oh, yes, psychology yesterday was really random.
On our table were Hazel, me, Rachel, Reanne and Will. Christine came over to talk to Hazel about our practice exam and Rachel started talking to Will about Christmas. Will said he wasn't excited, so Rachel was going "but it's the celebration of your Lord's birth!" and all this, and she went "I'm more excited about your Lord coming than you are!" and "you wear pegs all year round but then you're not even excited about Jesus' birth!" then Christine tuned in just as Rachel said "Mary would be riding the donkey now!" and Christine was like "you people are so strange...sometimes I'm thinking about something, then I tune back into normal conversation, and I think everybody must be insane" and we were all highly amused. Reanne and I laughed for about ten years, but we laugh at anything.

And Rachel saw that Mel had two folders and asked her why, and Mel said it was because she had scribbles all over the other one, so Rachel and Hazel wanted another one, so Mel went to get them, and when Rachel wrote her name on hers, she wrote "Rachel Sweekey" instead of "Sweeney", so we were amused again.

Hazel told Christine that I was called Steven, and Christine went "Don't confuse me, I only just learned Adam's name!" then a couple of minutes later she said, "I've only just remmebered Gary's name, and that's not even his name!" When she was reading through Will's practice exam, she realised she'd written "John" on it instead of Will, and she was like, "why have I called you John?!?!?!?" so we laughed some more.

It was odd, anyway. Then Reanne and Vicky came to eat lunch with us and Nathan and Philip, and Georgina appeared and it was all insane. And I said "condom" instead of "pompom".

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[17 Dec 2003|09:09pm]
Why did I say I got Malteasers from Reanne? I didn't. I got GALAXY and Rolos.

(shine on me)

[17 Dec 2003|06:48pm]
Teehee! Got some presents today:

Wooden box (!) and bath set thing from Mel
Book and bracelet from Georgina
Malteasers, Rolos and earrings from Reanne

Reanne's card was fab. She drew a little llama on the envelope and wrote "llama" on it, and inside she wrote:

"To Beth (llama luver :p) and B.O.B!"

Hazel's getting so many fluffy dogs! She's got one from me, one from Keith, one from Mel, and no doubt one from someone else.

(shine on me)

[16 Dec 2003|08:58pm]
Oh yes. Gave Keith his present today and got mine from him.

Several thousand pink candles. They're quite nice. But there's a lot.

Gave Georgina hers too, I get mine tomorrow.

Taking Mel's tomorrow, Reanne's Thursday, Laura and Hazel's Friday, Caroline's getting hers on Monday...

(shine on me)

[14 Dec 2003|09:17am]
There is a god.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is on television on my birthday!


Lots of films I want to watch over Christmas...that, Empire Records, Billy Elliot (again), etc...

My coldsore is about due to fall off, methinks. Bastard, it doesn't usually even last this long with me.

Over Christmas, also, I will be getting my hair dyed - my mum has agreed to do it then. And hopefully money for Christmas/birthday means getting something pierced. I still haven't rung P.X.

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